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Kitchen equipment is among the top five most expensive purchases made in one’s lifetime.

So it’s no wonder that our client needs to offer homeowners a large selection of luxury, customizable products.

For this goal is important to use modern, easy-to-use user interface and well-thought-out user experience E-commerce platform.

Also, it's important to unify its sprawling household appliances and kitchen equipment business to one digital platform.

Together with Zfort Group, they decided to create a new website on Magento Commerce 2.

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Our client wants to stand out in a competitive marketplace, offering customers what they can't get elsewhere. So we should improve the user experience, draw attention to goods, inspire users to shopping and reflect the specialty of the product lines. Notice that the store should handle a huge number of color+size+style combinations of various products and they create an overwhelming number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

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Using Magento on the website we can fully automate all sales process, including color choice, size, and collection. Users can choose available color palette or order their own.

Magento Commerce 2 allows our client to keep all SKUs available for purchase online. Most importantly, the new website increased the revenue of online sales channel by more than 2 times.

Also, we paid attention to multi-language website functionality to broaden the target audience.

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By the way, the updated website allows customers to compare four appliances in a convenient user interface.

Moreover, we developed a custom shipping module in Magento 2 that allows delivery calculation depending on client's place of residence (area, stairs, doorways, special circumstances etc.)

Zfort Group chose Amazon, Affirm and Authorize.Net for processing payments, based on their ease of integration with Magento Commerce 2.

The open Magento architecture enabled us to add search and personalization tools for greater effect.

Key Features

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Ideal design
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Comprehensive online
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Products comparison
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Custom shipping
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Support system

Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Front-end Developer
  • 1 Back-end Developer
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
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    Magento 2.2
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The upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 was a key part of the digital transformation.

The results to date refer to operational efficiency.

The website drives significant revenue, and we get positive feedback from the customers about their online shopping experience.