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Charity Checkout: Platform as a Service for Charity Organizations

Charity Checkout is a Platform as a Service that facilitates building and deploying
online fundraising tools for charity organizations
Customer: Private entrepreneur, the UK.

The Prehistory

Inspired by working in a charity organization, our customer identified the key challenge of online fundraising. It was hard for nonprofits to accept donations online. The problem was even more challenging for small charities unable to implement complex pricey solutions.

Far too often, software products that companies are looking forward to build fall way beyond their expertise. It’s not reasonable for a charity organization leader to stretch their resources to develop an application that doesn’t fit their core competencies.

Instead, the charity organization has to focus at reaching its goals effectively. That was the aim of our customer, to develop a prepackaged solution for the convenience of both donors and charities.

The Project

The platform includes solutions for both small and nationwide charities. One of the core business values of Charity Checkout product is addressing the Gift Aid issue (a UK tax incentive that enables tax-effective giving by individuals to charities in the United Kingdom). The solution is a .NET-based set of software products that addresses all the needs charity organizations face today in terms of online fundraising. The project started from scratch and today has turned into an ongoing cooperation.

Through 9 years of collaboration, we’ve delivered the whole business solution including the product itself:

Challenges and Achievements

We did our best to enable all the necessary features users might need to stay engaged and conveniently use the app:

Unique Features We’ve Implemented

Zfort Group Core Development Team:

  • 4 .NET Developers
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Front-End Developer
  • 1 Wordpress Developer
  • 1 Technical Project Manager

As the workload increased or some narrow-focused specialists were needed, Zfort Group managed to enhance the team upon our customer’s request in no time:

  • 2 Front-End Developers
  • 1 Front-End Tech Lead
  • 2 PHP Developers
  • 1 Web Designer

Working on CharityCheckout project is a great experience and luck. We’re continuously growing and do our best to develop our skills to make CharityCheckout a leading digital fundraising tool.

Chester, we wish you further inspiration and success! Thank you for being with Zfort Group and trusting us one of projects that makes a difference in today’s world!