About Project

The Prehistory:

There is already a plenty of both web and mobile apps challenging users to try their luck. Especially in the sports industry. But our customer decided to bring betting fun into a common daily routine and let everyone roll the dice. Since the app is designed more for fun rather than profit, users can put money on their balance and spend on betting with friends without money withdrawal scenario. A so-called chance to exercise your intuition, luck and have fun.

The Project:

Gotta Hunch allows any user to suggest a story and bet on submitted by their friends stories. The app is also able to generate betting content based on your social feed. The app is available both on iOS and Android devices. Our team’s primary focus was backend development and server side logic, while our client focused more on the design aspect. As a fast user acquisition approach we decided to go with the following achievement strategy: invite 10 friends and add 5000 tokens to your account.


Basic Features

Registration and user profile

Users can choose the most appropriate way for setting up the account: via social networks (Facebook) or via email sign up. When the user passes the registration, they’ll be offered to choose at least 3 topics he’s interested in to make a prediction. The profile interface suggests to set up a default bet, upgrade topics and change the country to get the most relevant hunches.

Betting and achievements

The app scans users’ social profiles and that’s how the feed content is generated. Every hunch has its minimum entry tokens amount for making a bet. If a user doesn’t feel like making a prediction, they may proceed to the next hunch with a swipe gesture. Once there’s a topic a user feels like making a prediction on, he presses “Yes” or “No”. If the user makes a good shot, they win the hunch and can share it on their linked social profile. The result will also appear on the achievements board representing the information on the tokens gained and lost, as well as the number of hunches won and failed. For advanced comfort we have enabled a default betting feature, so that users don’t have to set the bet amount every time they make a prediction.


To place a hunch (a topic for betting), a user will need tokens which might be gained by inviting friends, making successful predictions or purchasing. Every user gets bonuses for winning the prediction: 1 Hunch won = 50 tokens. The bets are made by using tokens of three types: bronze, silver, and gold. When a user runs out of tokens, there are two options to top up the balance: invite more friends or purchase additional bronze, silver or golden tokens. They can be also cross-converted, for example: 10 golden tokens equal 50 silver ones. Users can also invest tokens in boosting their hunches in the feed.

Team Size & Technologies


The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


The main challenge was the absence of clear scope from the beginning of the project. Our team managed to eliminate the risks by taking the project through the planning stage and generating clear requirements.

The stage resulted in a clear comprehensive software requirements specification document (SRS).

After all the specification documents have been introduced and approved, the team got to developing the project. With all the effort, we and a successful launch of the project.

1 iOS Developer, 1 Android Developer, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer,
1 Back End PHP Developer, 1 Project Manager


XCode + Swift 3, RxCocoa,
RxSwift, Alamofire framework,
+ ObjectMapper framework,
Flurry analytics,
Firebase Frameworks,
Facebook SDK.


dagger, moxy, retrofit, rxjava2,
butterknife, facebook android sdk,
universalimageloader, firebase,
play services, flurry,
crashlytics, otto