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online Ethereum-Based
Cryptocurrency Development

What is it

OIO is a revolutionary Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with tokens generated by the amount of time a user spends on a website, which is aimed at eliminating tracking, advertising, and malware while using the Internet.


The Background

Blockchain is often thought to be just about the cryptocurrency. Instead, this technology has already served a number of industries. Banking, travel, insurance, logistics, and other business sectors already utilize benefits that Blockchain brings.

Make sure to check other industries where Blockchain technology has been successfully used.

Our Goal !!!

We were hired to reinvent the World Wide Web experience by placing people’s privacy as our top priority, thus offering a more secure, non-trackable, malware-free and ad-free Internet.

Browse internet without boundaries


Zfort Group paid attention to challenges faced by the Internet users nowadays: security, privacy, and ad scamming.

In fact, it turns out that the Internet is not free. If you go deeper, it will be obvious that we are charged by watching and clicking on ads. The situation gets even worse when users are forced to reveal their private information in exchange for surfing the Internet for free.

Before getting to the development, our team decided to evaluate the vulnerabilities users face while surfing the Internet and the ways to address privacy issues.



Cross-browser extension

Cross-browser extension

Include the ad blocker, tracking script blocker, anti-malware, wallet. Moreover, the voting system allowing users to rate on all websites, not just the ones using our solution.


Will be integrated into desktop browser extensions and feature advanced security (two-factor authentication, fingerprint and face recognition, vault option, etc.)

Mobile application

Mobile application

Which operates as a wallet, ad blocker, tracking script blocker, and anti-malware.


Is a place where you can spend earned cryptocurrency for getting some amazing products or services.


Key Features We're Implementing

No ADS, Privacy...
  1. Ad-free (free Internet)

    Forget about a visible or hidden fee to browse the Internet. solution lets websites have a completely new revenue stream based on time spent by their visitors on their web pages that will not require any form of payment from the end users.

  2. Security (no tracking and malware attacks) platform integrates a custom anti-malware and ad-blocking solution that provides better experience on all websites. Mass adoption of this solution also has the benefit of putting pressure on website operators to use our system, making it more popular and robust.

  3. Freedom of choice / privacy

    Say no to information bubble.
    You must see not only the information some companies think you want. integrates a tracking script blocker that severely disrupts the ability of companies to track and profile real people.

  4. Your decision integrates a voting platform that allows users to voice their opinions on the quality of the websites. Also, this solution warns users about the low quality of websites they are about to visit.


Ethereum As The Key Technology

Plus, we want to prevent bad guys or newbies from running unlimited complex calculations on network hardware for free. So non-free calculations within Ethereum framework limit network users from running unwanted calculations. is created on the Ethereum platform, thus the tokens can be used for any financial operations within the ecosystem. Furthermore, the platform is designed by using a new consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Online. As opposed to the other already known “proof of” concepts, the one used by does not require massive hardware resources, which consume large quantities of natural resources.

Our ecosystem is designed to generate ICE tokens based on the number of visitors on websites that integrated our solution. Furthermore, it is optimized for minimum Gas consumption on the Ethereum platform.

Our Role

The Future Of Freedom Has Started