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Managing your company's website, social media, or marketing campaigns means are a lot of things to keep track of. Managing your clients’ websites, social media, and marketing campaigns means even more things to track. Especially if something goes wrong from time to time.




Is your big ad campaign sending traffic to page 404? Hopefully not, but if the problem is there, you want to know about it. And you want to make sure someone is on top of it.

Connect Tiaki to your website, your marketing channels, and analytics software. Tiaki automatically runs health checks and looks for important changes, 24/7. Sign in to a single place and see the status of all your marketing activities.


Incident handling

So you got an alert, but that’s only half the job. Someone has to take ownership and make sure the problem gets fixed. That is why we have built in incident handling, so you can tell your team that the issue is handled, and re-run a test if needed.

All-in-one dashboard

Usually you should log into 3-4 accounts to get a quick overview, right? Awful.
Our dashboard shows you alerts from all channels in one place. You can even put it on your office wall to always keep an eye on your portfolio.

Automated health checks

Sick of manual monkey work?
We have mapped out hundreds of things that can go wrong and created automated checks, based on input from senior marketing experts. We check for mistakes or suspicious patterns. When you set up a domain with Tiaki, you get all the checks added without any additional configuration.

Intelligent alerts

Alert and email blindness can be a real issue. We will never send you annoying alerts or noise. Our philosophy: you should be able to choose how to be notified. We support SMS, email, Slack to mention just a few options.

Key features

  • Support

    Includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and various SEO tools
  • Intelligent alerts

    Fix problems fast while their impact is minimal
  • Multi-channel support

    Monitor all the marketing channels that are important to you with one tool
  • No install required

    Get up and running in just a couple of minutes

SEO Monitoring

  • 01

    Tiaki has many SEO monitoring features

    Working with SEO for many years we have seen all the mistakes and errors that can and will happen over time. How bad did you feel when you found out that your client had bad robots.txt for 3 months? Exactly. That’s what we are fixing with our automated SEO health checks.
  • 02

    Crawlability check

    The first rule of SEO is that you can’t rank if Googlebot can’t access and read your content. That’s why we run multiple checks to verify that Googlebot can access your site. We check uptime, robots.txt, noindex, redirects, http headers, and malware. Just to mention a few. If one of your domains become uncrawlable, Tiaki will alert you.
  • 03

    Robots.txt check

    Robots.txt is one of the most important files to not mess up, but it happens too often. We have made checks for everything that can go wrong, so if someone messes up the robots.txt of any of your sites, we will let you know.
  • 04

    Meta robots noindex check

    Just a simple tag with “noindex” in your header is all that is needed to remove your content from Google. That’s why it’s so important to make sure no important pages are “noindexed” by mistake.
  • 05

    Redirect check

    Some tracking systems get confused by redirects on the server. Tiaki knows all about redirects and handles them properly.
  • 06

    HTTP header check

    HTTP headers are not visible on the surface, and few people really understand them. Tiaki ensures that the headers are good (and if they aren’t, you are the first to know).
  • 07

    Malware check

    It's known that malware hurts business and search engine rankings. checks your domains in Google's blacklists and notifies you if something goes wrong.

Team Size & Technologies

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Front-end Developer
  • 2 Back-end Developers
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 1 DevOps